Crime Comedy Series (8 x 30min)

CLUB OF PARASITES is a comedy series about old vs young, Cum-Ex, patriarchy, and golf.

Anti-capitalist LEA (18) is arrested because of a political art action against Google and sentenced to community service at the elite “non-profit” golf club, Schloss Tornow. Her judge wants her to learn how nice and cultivated rich people really are. There she stumbles upon a vast tax fraud scheme. Lea eventually joins forces with JONATHAN (21), the sensitive son of the club president who is desperately in love with his childhood friend PINA (19). Despite their contrasting backgrounds, the unlikely pair become friends and allies as they secretly work to expose the criminal dealings of club members engaging in Cum-Ex. Unconsciously, Lea and Jonathan are dragged into those criminal dealings. More and more they become corrupt themselves by trying to fulfill their dreams…

Creators & Co-Authors: Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger, Henning Wagner
Script: Ralf Husmann
Production: tba

SALIDA (2019)

Dramedy (6 x 60 min) | Pilot and Bible

financing process

Creators: Esther Schweins, Miriam Henseling
Screenwriter: Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger
Production: CZAR Film


Intercultural Drama Web Series

When a group of passengers aboard a bus traveling from Accra to a remote village in the Ghanaian countryside, they find an abandoned baby on board. They are forced to confront a responsibility which, up until now, each has been trying to repress in their own way.

Director: Khalid Idissah, Lisa Hürtgen, Ransford Nii Aryee
Screenwriter: Joel Tugaineyo (Headwriter); George Mundi (Idea); Jacob Hauptmann, Naemi Büchtermann, Lloyd Lutara, Sebastian Asuem, Esteri Tabandeke, Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger (Episode „The Politician“)
Produkcion: Fresh Craft
Funding: Deutsche Welle Akademie, Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit


| Sci-Fi Comedy Web Series | 2 pilots of 6 min each

Two young siblings SARA (21) and MIRKO (19) take on an unexpected responsibility when they find themselves having to care for an ALIEN visitor from another world. The ALIEN tel-eports Sara into space to meet the ALIEN KING, who orders her to help him prepare for the aliens arrival on Earth. Sara is reluctant, until the ALIEN KING seduces her with the chance to possess a supernatural ability of her choice. Meanwhile, back on Earth, her brother Mirko discovers how useful having an alien friend can be when it comes to fulfilling his dreams of getting rich quick. Until the alien realises he is being exploited and becomes tired of this one-sided friendship. He wants something in return. After all, it is the first time in his life that he visits planet Earth. Mirko has to be his entertaining guide to humanity.

Teaser – Password: aliens2017

Director: Henning Wagner
Writers: Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger, Beliban zu Stolberg, Henning Wagner
Production: United Audience
Funding: Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg (DIGI.Tale)