Psychological Thriller (90min) | 1. Treatmentdraft

Young and ambitious trainee Eva hopes for a job in the office of her boss, the charismatic star ar-chitect Andreas Hummel. That is why she accepts his invitation to a business lunch. But suddenly that lunch turns to be a journey to the building site for their project. An odyssey starts into the shal-lows of the character of a successful, power-loving man. Eva realizes far too late, trapped in a summer house far from civilization, how far she has gotten involved in the manipulative power structures to live her supposed dream. Disillusioned, but with a clear view, she dares to take a first step out of that structures to be who she is: a self-confident and independent architect.

Director: Gerald Sommerauer
Screenwriter: Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger
Co-Production: RBB und Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie
Funding: Drehbuchförderhauptpreis der Stadt Salzburg 2019, Leuchtstoffe Nachwuchsförderung des Medienboards Berlin Brandenburg


(Orig. Mein Fleisch und Blut)

Thriller Drama (90min) | Outline

A German-Turkish girl, Dilara, has followed her first, big love Jan to Hamburg. There she has joined the logistic company of his family and was able to prove herself. But after she gives birth to her daughter, however, she discovers that the company invests in cum-ex-funds and that Jan is manipulated by his dominant father. Soon, Dilara is no longer just fighting for her own existence. MY FLESH AND MY BLOOD is the story of an underdog-woman who seeks her place in the world and eventually finds her place in herself. It’s a story about identity and ascription (discrimination). In other word; it's about what it means to be German today.

Screenwriter: Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger
Funding: Roger Willemsen Residency 2019



Comedy (ca. 100min) | Screenplay 1. Draft

Due to the bankruptcy of a low-cost airline, an aircraft cargo of German tourists is suddenly trapped on the tropical island of the Dominican Republic. A self-proclaimed group leader evacuates his fellow sufferers to the nearby all-inclusive Hotel Paradise. It turns out to be the purest hell. The tense waiting of all tourists finally culminates in a "veritable" revolution. Lead by a nurse who does not accept everything as it is for no longer anymore. PANIC IN PARADISE is a story about the isolation of people and their fears. It depicts a situation and the behavior that radical capitalism produces. It shows its consequence of people’s deeply internalized fears of never being good enough. It is a comedy to empower us to emancipate from our fears and instead engage in solidarity actions.

Screenwriter: Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger
Production: tba
Förderungen: selected for the script lab of Sebastian Andrae at the Film Festival Kitzbühel 2018